About the album UPP

Release March 14th 2020

Three women, mothers, sisters and daughters who have taken a slightly different path in life. Deep roots in the herding music of the mountain pastures and curiosity about folk music from all around the world. Respect for previous generations of song poets binds us together musically, and inspires us to new songs. The music became a weave of traces left by life, shadows and impressions that have been part of our palette for a long time. With great curiosity for vocal expression we have created a world of our own which reflects our daily lives and the times we live in, where we can gather ourselves ahead of an unknown future, dig where we stand, break the norm and readjust. We walk side by side with untidy braids, safety helmets and boots. We help each other because we are all in the same boat. Welcome aboard!

Record company: Playing With Music


(...) Often they sing their own arrangements of old, usually traditional songs. They do so under great freedom and with a curious way of relating to traditions. There is always a presence, a movement in their music, a dancing tone, sliding dramas and laughing phrases. In the trio there are distinct voices, but what prevails is a unity. And the soundscape is straight, clear and strong. (...)
Bo Bjelvehammar, LIRA

(...) With five albums and twenty years singing behind them, Irmelin are veterans of Swedish folk song. Eva Rune, Karin Ericsson Back and Maria Misgeld take us on the new CD along 15 different tracks. Own and others, new and traditional. The song is crystal clear, elegant and sometimes impulsive and bold. Professional, vibrant folk song that feels contemporary. (...)
Peter Ahlbom, Spelmannen

...) So okay, Irmelin's album Upp, their fifth, is good, really good. It shows that traditional music can be developed without killing the original. Because that's what Irmelin (Eva Rune, Karin Ericsson Back and Maria Misgeld) do, they develop. (...)
Thomas Wihlman, OPULENS - Sveriges dagliga kulturmagasin

(...) They have collected many thought-provoking lyrics on the CD. The song is excellent as well as the sounds and harmonies. Densified and enchanting! (...)
Bengt Wittgren, Hembygden

(...) I think it is their best and sharpest album that meets the Swedish soul. Vocal music of the kind Irmelin does is absolutley beautiful and powerful. Thank you for this musical performance. (...)
Micheles Kindh, Blanskans vänner