About Irmelin

The vocal trio Irmelin have travelled around the world with their music for two decades. With passion, sincerity and closely-knit voices Irmelin perform their songs in which a multitude of emotions, expression and improvisation gives life to both traditional and newly written folk music. The three voices span from the most powerful tone of the herding call to the most delicate of phrases. With roots in the Nordic folk music tradition and an experimental curiosity, over the years the trio have developed a sound entirely their own.

Irmelin have released five albums: Kärligheten (2006), Gyldene Freden (2008), North Sea Stories (2012), Swedish Folk Songs (2016) and Upp (2020). The group’s members have all studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and are well-established professional singers. Irmelin have toured in Europe, Asia and North America, and have featured in TV, radio and theatre productions.

Irmelin consists of:
Eva Rune

What we do - concert & course

Irmelin offers a concert with both retrospective and outlook. The listener is invited on a journey in vocal dream time. When nothing stands between the artist and the audience, the voices will charm you with honest and true expression.
The music is cherished by a playful dialogue between the three singers. The group sing and tell about life, love and nature. Herding calls, ornamented three part hymns, and nordic blues go along with traditional dance tunes and love songs. The length of the concert program can be adjusted to the required wish. Normally a concert is about 60 min long and consist of a mixed repertoire and presentations in between the songs.


Irmelin has a great skill to work with choirs and together produce a concert program.
Irmelin is teaching parts of their repertoire and preform together with the choir at one or several concerts. All music is teached by ear, no sheet music is used. No piano is needed, the workshop is a capella. We also offer shorter workshops with Irmelins singers as teachers.

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